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Isabella Micone
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      A Nevada local raised and influenced by her hard-working parents. Both of Isabella’s parents are small business owners and are involved in owning real estate investments, house flipping, and rental properties. Growing up Isabella caught the real estate bug and recruiting strategies. She soon began managing her family’s properties, finding and managing renters. She helped her father manage his business and took on responsibilities that catered to her creativity and love for learning.

      Isabella graduated from the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis and Substance Abuse Treatment minor and continued studying UNR’s Graduate Counseling program. She was excited to find Lisamarie Wand Group and continues to encourage her love for business management and Real Estate.

      Isabella has many passions including training for powerlifting competitions, caring for her many house plants, entertaining her always-bored border collie, and enjoying warm days with her family on their boat.