Keys To Success

Keys To Success

I help my clients achieve better results than they imagined.

Seeing beyond the obvious

Before becoming a Realtor®, I consulted for Silicon Valley startups. There, I learned to ask deeper questions that go beyond the standard ABCs of a business transaction. Then I get to know your motivation and dreams because it helps me truly understand what you want and need. From this comprehensive insight, including my knowledge of commercial real estate research, you receive creative options and strategic information that will help you make clearer decisions during every stage of your real estate journey.

Benefit from a macro view

Commercial trends, residential trends, and renter sentiment all co-mingle to create the overall local real estate market. Knowing what’s really happening in one area can influence decisions you make in another. I’m unique in that I’m actively experienced in all three areas of real estate: residential, commercial, and property management. With this well-rounded knowledge, I’m able to help you see your situation from a macro view, so you can make decisions that you’ll be happy with for life.

Embracing “what if’s”

From past experience, you probably know that real estate transactions rarely move in a straight line. That’s why throughout our journey together, I’ll keep you prepared for all potential surprises. And present strategic solutions – not just the typical ones – so your decisions keep you moving forward towards your goals.

Respecting you’re in charge

No matter how prepared you are, real estate transactions can feel like a roller coaster ride. Because anything can happen when we’re dealing with the mix of property, multiple groups of people, personalities, money, agents, and brokers. While I do everything possible to smooth out the process, you always remain in control of the pace and decision making. We are a team.

Enjoying the journey

I believe in maintaining a sense of humor, being able to laugh at ourselves, and remaining open to new experiences. To me, a successful real estate transaction should meet your lifestyle and financial goals. And you should enjoy the whole process getting there. Together, we create your real estate dreams with less stress, higher results, and more joy.

“Lisamarie knows the real estate market! She planned it, put on the market, and sold it with 2 offers within one week of placing the condo on the MLS.”

— Larry Lawson

“Lisamarie has always been very friendly and accommodating. She has been quick to respond… and has done everything she could to make our space what we have needed it to be.”

— Pastor Jim Wallace

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