Real estate investments (commercial, residential or vacant land) are generally safe and have profit potential. Whether you wish to invest in residential property, Lake Tahoe Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate or join the exciting world of executive rentals the time has never been better!

Here are the top five reason real estate investments could be an excellent investment for you!

#1- Where’s My Money?

Yes, it can be expensive to purchase real estate. Closing cost, down payments, expenses to maintain a home, etc.- it adds up. But so does renting! The average rent in Reno, NV according to is $1,600/monthly- that’s $19,200.00/ annually for rent alone. Let’s not forget to add utilities- yikes! Almost $20,000.00 toward someone else’s real estate investment

Better yet, Why not let someone else pay your mortgage?

<h3<#2- A Break from Uncle Sam

When owning a home, there are specific tax codes that let you deduct interested you pay on your mortgage, property maintenance and costs involved with purchasing a home. See your tax specialist to see what real estate tax deductions would apply to you!

#3- Let Freedom Ring

The freedom that comes with being a property owner is luxurious. You can customize your home or office space to suit you (or your tenants) wants, needs and desires. You’re the owner, you call the shots!

You want neon green wall? You got it, Buddy!

#4- Predictability- it’s sometimes a good thing!

For rentals to stay completive with the ever-changing marketing, rent increases are a known factor of renting. Sadly, even the best renter are at risk for them. However, with a fixed-rate mortgage your housing payment with not increase. Predictability never sounded so exciting!

#5- Rollin’ in the “dough”

Real estate is universally known for being a smart, long term investment.  With the national median for single-family homes increasing by over 5% today since 1972, you could potentially profit from selling you home in the future (depending on the market at the time of selling).

Oh, what to do with this return? Beach front Lake Tahoe Real Estate, perhaps? Contact Lisamarie Wand for advice on how to start or grow your investment portfolio today!