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Types of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Leases

Here at Lisamarie Wand Group we are transparent with the information we hold and we guide our clients best we can. There are several types of CRE leases that are commonly used. The type of lease you choose will depend on your business's nee...

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How to Lease a Building

You want to lease a building for your business, Exciting news! Here are a series of steps and guided details of how to do it. You know your business best. What do you need? Do you need Foot traffic? Or an open floor plan? Do you need storag...

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Mistakes to avoid

Common Mistakes in CRE

At Lisamarie Wand Group we have supported many businesses throughout the years. The common understatement is 'knowledge is power'. Since this is our career and livelihood we have knowledge that clients wouldn't see until trial and error. We...

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Loan agreement

How to Apply for a Business Loan

When working with Lisamarie Wand Group we can guide you through every step of the business process. With a large network in Nevada and years of experience we can guide you to possible lenders and banks that would work best for your business...

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