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Selling Your Business with Confidence: Lisamarie Wand Group’s Expert Guidance and Seamless Transactions

Keep your Financial Documents up to Date: The No. 1. Reason businesses do not sell is poor or weak financials. It’s important to pay your taxes, keep current financial reports and show a profit on your tax return. Your company’s current financial data is the foundation for a successful future sale. As licensed Business Brokers, Lisamarie Wand Group will guide you through your financial review and preparation for the sale of your company.

What is my Business Worth? Your business may be priceless to you, however there is a true and fair market value for your company. If your business is priced too high it will not sell and you may lose precious time on the market. Lisamarie Wand Group is here to help you determine the current value of your business by reviewing the financial stability of your company, sales history and potential profit performance to the buyer.

Identify Qualified Buyers: When selling a business you want offers from serious and qualified buyers while avoiding potential buyers wasting your time. Working with Lisamarie Wand Group as your Business Broker is the fast track to vetting buyers, determining the buyers intentions for the business after they take over and creating a plan for a successful transition. Closing the Deal: Lisamarie Wand Group is here to assist you with finalizing purchase documents, overseeing sale negotiations and to keep the business purchase or sale from falling apart at the end. Purchase Agreements, Asset transfer lists, noncompete clauses and employee agreements are a few of the important aspects we are here to assist with.