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Navigating Your Commercial Lease: Lisamarie Wand Group’s Comprehensive Assistance from Search to Move-In

Determine your Needs: Lisamarie Wand Group assists you in getting specific about your needs and wants when it comes to leasing commercial space. We narrow your search to only spaces that will work for your business. We help you determine priorities when it comes to visibility, property location, cost, and type of space.

Finding the Best Space: Securing a professional commercial real estate Broker to represent you as a Tenant is the strategic way to lease space. Instead of driving around and calling agents from signs or searching multiple websites online, we show you what is available in the locations and price ranges you want. We do the research for you and present the best options.

Expert Lease Negotiation: Lisamarie Wand Group has you covered when it comes to negotiating your lease. We represent you through navigating the best rates for key lease points including lease rate, length of term, concessions, rate bumps and renewal options.

Getting you Moved In: The target date set for occupancy may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or longer. This depends on the complexity of the lease and tenant improvements may require permits. There is a timeline to buildout your space to meet the exact needs of your business. During this time the landlord may review your financials and the lease is finalized and signed. Once you have a certificate of occupancy it’s time for keys and move-in!